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rather b like jake or edward?

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Definitely a wolf girl here<3
wolf. i dont wanna be a maneating fein. no offense. even if the cullens eat off of animal blood, eww.
i dunno.can you chose both.?I mean I would LOVE to be a vampire and have awesome speed and strength and maybe a extra power.But I would rather be a wolf because you can go out in the light and not sparkle.And you are human and a wolf.So I would be a WOLF.
i want to be both too
but i would rather be a vampire and
i like wolves so i guese i like jacob (a lil bit) but i love edward so vampire
I lik wolves coz theyre cute but jacob is kinda obnoxious and I like vampires coz theyre mint and Im in love with edward so Vampire all the way! ^_^
I would love to be a vampire. I'm not afraid of blood, so I'll deal with the need...
Hmmmm......i really dont know......i think that being a Vampire would like make you really beautiful and albino lookingish.....and you would never change but you would have cool super powers......on the other hand being a wolf would make you pretty bad a**......and you would get to be really tan.....and hot.....but you also would have super powers.....and if you were both you would be like a Wampire or a you would basicly be a shape-shifting
a wolf
Hmm...Vampire! I would love to be a vampire so I could live with the Cullens or go join the Volturi!!! But it would be cool to have the ability to turn into a giant wolf whenever someone ticks you off!
I would so wanna become a wolf!
Wolves are awesome and i'm in love with one!
I'd so be a vampire nothing better then begin that not even the pain i had something that was like a sore thoart but it was so bad i wanted to rip my thoart out


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