The Twilight Saga

Me Seth!

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Simply JACOB!!!!
i am damon salvator

Edward all the way!!!!!!!!!!
jacob black is the love of my life =)
Jacob (but im on team edward, was nearly on switzerland)
Alice xx
well i seem to have a thing for vampires!! =D From Twilight there is of course Edward and Carlisle! =D and from True Blood there is Bill. and from  Blood Ties its Henry Fitzroy ! they are all wonderful!!!
From Full Metal Alchemist:  Roy Mustang, Riza Hawkeye, Zolf Kimbley, Ling Yao

Jasper Whitlock/ Hale/ Cullen

Edward Cullen

Vladimir Tod

Fang ( Maximum Ride)

Harry Potter

Alexander Sterling ( vampire kisses)

Ulquirorra ( Bleach)

Edward Elric ( Full metal alchemist)

Ian O'shea (The Host)

Derek ( Darkest Powers)

Tens ( Fenestra)



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