The Twilight Saga

would u like to be one of the twight characters? which one would u like to be?
for fairies lovers

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yes i would like to be renesmee and have jacob
I absolutaly love Edward cullen, So i guess it's pretty clear that i'd love 2 b bella.
I would love to be Bella. She and I are so much alike in every way. It was raining today and as I was walking I fell flat on my butt just like she did in the movie. It is very werid because I feel like I am watching a movie or reading a book about myself.
I dont have to like, I am. I am Alice Cullen all the way. I think Jasper is sexy, my personality is exactly like hers, I plan things that are 3 years away, I try not to repeat an outfit at least twice a month, and I am getting Porche 911 Turbo. How much more of Alice can I be?
You need to see the future! And win the lottery with the numbers you see! LOL
Oh course I would be bella, gotta have Edward.
i wud be renesmee, so i cud stay with jacob forever and everXD
I would love to be Esme. Or Alice. They both seem so cool and down to earth and caring.
I wouldn't want to be Bella, cause until she becomes a vampire, she is always in danger!!!!!
i would be alice
ps im only 14 and my dad already got me a 911 turbo porshe.
i have a pic on my page
im alittle spoiled
i somuch want to be one of characters when in go to twiighters and answer the ques he told me iam edward
ithink that love is just bain ,what do yu think???!!!!!!!!
if i were going to be a character from the books...i would be maggie. i want to be her cuz of her power. :D i want to know when people tell the truth.


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