The Twilight Saga

would u like to be one of the twight characters? which one would u like to be?
for fairies lovers

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I would love to be Renesmee or Alice i'd be good either way!
i would love 2 b bella. i think she (@ times) is the luckiest characters in the book.
hells yeah i would like to leah
I like to be Alice
Bella for sure she has the hottest vampire in the world as a boyfriend
Bella. No doubt!
i want 2 b the love of Bella's life so its obvious i want 2 b Edward !!!!!!
i would be bella
it would be cool to be jane but im saying that cause im a girl id like to be demetri or maybe bree cause shes where Riley is that would be awsome really i just want to be somewhere where the volturi are i love love love love them
I would L-O-V-E to be Bella. The I would get Edward!*giggle*
I would say Bella, that way I would have Edward!!!:)


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