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Alright, so it has came to my attention the inactivity that has been here for so very long. I wish not to allow this group to go, so I am wondering, from all of you, what shall we do with Into the world of Twilight? It's first goal was to be a group-wide, twilight-rp where you yourselves can create characters to be within the world of twilight. Furthermore, members could discuss things of the twilight world, etc.

Should it be recreated to be doing the same thing, or should we be doing other things? I would love to see what you all have to say. Thank you!

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I say that maybe send a message to everyone in the group with idea discussions and see what they think. Maybe they  forgot to check up on discussions in this group.

i really doesnt matter the thought is what counts

We could try to get more and more people to read the Twilight Saga books then it would get more and more popular to the point where they might just make a play or do something with the Twilight Saga books so all of the fans can have more.


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