The Twilight Saga

If that happened to me,i would turn into a vampire for sure...

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simply vampire, even though i like jacob
werewolf but if u could be both that would be what i like
i would be a vampire for sure!!
of course VAMPIRE! i want to be one now though i'm a healthy human but i want a gift! =P
I would love to be werewolf/shapeshifter!!

me too werewolfs rock vampire plz smez where wolf all the way


Vampire:))..cuz they sparkle!!!! lol

but if there was such thing as a vamp/werewolf i would want to be that;))

i choose both...sparkle in da sun all day (maybe) and turn in to a wolf all night. =P

Vampire cuz they are awesome haha and i love them <3


I think I would turn into a werewolf more because I'm not quiet like most vampires, but then again I'm not aggressive like a wolf. ON, I was Pack Alpha for a while and it was fun. :)


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