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Should Breaking Dawn Be 2 Movies Or Just 1??  TELL me what you think and why?

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the book is only 39 chapters and...wait,what!!!...breaking dawn is going to be 2 movies!!!!!!(wholly crap!)
No!!!! Breaking Dawn is NOT going 2 be 2 movies they jst want 2 know if u think they should!!
i think that it should be 3 movies all the diffrent partes would be a diffrent movie
thts wht my mom thinks
Breaking Dawn should absolutley NOT be in 2 parts/2 movies. I could barely stand waiting for New Moon to come out. And I'm having trouble waiting to see Eclipse in June. I sure as heck ain't gonna wait about a year for the second part of Breaking Dawn to come out. There are 3 hr. movies out there. Old ones, but they're there. So, in summary, Breaking Dawn - NO 2 PARTS!!!!!!!!
I think it would be awesome to have it done in 3 parts. Simply because there are 3 different parts in the book. But that is just my opinion. Either way I'll still watch it.
Yeah, but the first book would be really short... It's only seven chapters....

thats true but having to wait for the next movie to come out itd kill me cuz its to long a wait

No. I Really really really hope it's not! If it is I'm gonna sue Summit! Jk jk jk jk jk! I really hope it's not, though!
yes, so that they can at least try to put the most content into the films possible...That book is huge...(of course it's not as ridiculously huge as Stephen King's "Under the Dome") But, it's still a lot of reading...I am hoping that they can milk it to the fullest...And I hope that we as the fans will not be dissappointed with the final product...
how can they make it into 2??............
.............i mean 1st half of the the book only shows bella's transformation into a vampire
i think they cud just make it one movie if they dnt show all of bella's prego


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