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do you think vampires and werewolves are real


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i dont think so bt it wud be kinda k3wl =]
i hope they were, but they r not
yes i do
we so real! and the best vamp that i have seen is Jordan. he's spped is incredilbe!
that is a very hard question but here is my answer in the first book of the saga edward spoke of evolution while he was explaining some things to bella the idea that count dracula s rare medical condition have evoluted enough to give the world real vampires is not very unlikely as for the werewolves i am not sure if there is any condition for them to evolute from unless it was as Billy said in eclipse magic and py looking at the cullens and the Qeuliute wolves i hope thay are real but not the way the volturi or the children of the moon exist
Conseder the fact that my Mother was human(and is a powerful shield) and my Father a vamp and my long-life boyfriend is a werewolf and i have more than just one power than yes i completely believe that are vamps and weres EVERYWHERE than i say in abousltly i think they... we do exist.
Jordan is very touchy about this so im with him on this a 10000%.

Kasi- Renesmee Carlie Cullen i am with you..... but my mom is a werewolf and dad is a vampire Wizard. I am vampire werewolf and witch

kasi-What do you mean by that?


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