The Twilight Saga

Who does top honors go to with so many series right now in particular about vampires, True Blood, The VA series, HON series, Twilight Saga, The VD series, Evernight, and any others but, also about werewolfs...who gets top dibs?


I personally have a very large crush on bad boy Damon from the Vampire DIaries right now, but, that could change, there's something about the Salvatore borthers...I think it's because I have been watching TVD avidly since it first premiered...


I feel bad though because it's overshadowing Twlight for me...So Eclipse needs to hurry up and come out...I losing


Werewolves the femle alpha from the Kelley Armstrong Otherworld series, My boy from Shiver, and Jacob...I'm team switzerland so I like him and edward...


How about you all?



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I loved Buffy and the show Angel....And I completely forgot to add them....You are right they are the best ones....Loved them in both shows....

I also remember when Oz was a werewolf too...that was such a good series...I miss it...But. at least you can buy the complete series on dvd now...smiles...thank u so much for responsing to my post...
best vamp : edward, emmett & alec
best wolf : jacob, embry & seth
thank u for your response....I really appreciate it...
I think the best vampire is Edward, and Jacob is the best werewolf. Unless book characters count as well...
the best vampire in my opinion is Esme and the best werewolf is Sam

best vampire-Emmet

best wolf-seth and Jared



Vampires: Bella (newborn), Alec

Wolfs: Seth,Jacob



oh nd bella(when shes a vampire) n nessie(once shes born)

Best vamp is alice or emmett

best werewolf is seth!


Best Vampire : Carlisle, others are maybe hot and cute but it's he who acts as a role model for all Vampire community

Best Wolf : Seth, he's the only one who's not upset or angry about the phase and takes right decision.


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