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Well my friends totally detest Jasper. All I really talk about is JAsper there like shut up! lol AND now they are trying to make me like Edward or Emmett more like thats gonna happen!!!

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sae has happend to me ecseot none of mi school m8's like Twilight so i have to wait till 4 to talk about Twilight without being told to shut up
my friends are in love with JAMES and i am sooo mad at them
YES!! My friends are all insane over Edward and there all like "Oh! Jasper is such a feminine character and he's so ugly and he likes to eat people!" I hate my friends. Haha. They told me that they were going to steal my books if I didn't shut up about him..=(. I would never let them come that close to my books though. I would rip of there empty little air heads. =)
Me 2!!! My friends like either Eddie, Em, or JACOB!!! I HATE JACOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alice Cullen, i kno exactly how u feel!!! I HATE some of MY FRIENDS!!!
Yes! My friends don't really hate him, but none of them love him like I do <3 lol :D but yeah, I get what you mean.
I personally have no problem with Jasper I think if Bella change faster ppl could really see how cool he is.
Thou, I have a huge soft spot for Edward and Emmett.(I had to read the saga a couple a times before Jasper had a spot too)
i've got the same problem with my best friend...she thinks that Jazz is always scared of something and she tries to make me change my opinion...the best is to say what they want and do what you a time, they will get bored and will not stress you about this anymore...
BE STRONG! Edward Sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, I have the same.
They all like Jacob
but Jasper is sooo much cuterr!!
I don't understand why others can't see that.
they sometime just want me to shut up about him...
One of my friends hated Jasper for what happens in New Moon. She didn't get it, She didn't read the books and she doesn't understand Jasper the way some people do. I'm one of the people that likes to say I can understand Jasper more then some people. I'm sure there are some people on this site that agree with me.
Oh and also I might start a JasperxBella Fanfic on this site, lemme know if you would read it =) Thanks, ~Mandy, Aka Bella~
Hope they show all of Jasper's story on the next movies. Then people would understand !!!!!
If everyone liked strawberry ice cream there would be no chocolate. If everyone liked the same man, there would be only one married couple and a bunch of unhappy women.


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