The Twilight Saga

Jasper all the way!!!!!!! 'cause he isssssss Jasper.the one and only.

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I would meet Edward, because I love him and I am a really BIG fan!!:)

I heart Jazz but I'd meet Edward too.

all the cullens because they are a family that sticks together when things are tough.

Amen to that.

I would meet the wolfpack because they are awesome

Ok.When it comes to the wolves I'm all Seth.

I would meet Alice Cullen, because she's amazing and she's so optimistic!! wish she was my best friend!! ;) :D

I wish that too.Most of the times I wish Rose was mu sister.

Jasper! Hes so cute, and he seems really laid-back and cool. :)

You go girl!

I would totally meet Jasper, because he was in the Civil War and has an sexy southern drawl, :)

Yeah.That too.:)


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