The Twilight Saga

Jasper all the way!!!!!!! 'cause he isssssss Jasper.the one and only.

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I would want to meet Alice Cullen cause she is so bright and optimistic! wish i could be her

Most times I do but then I say I could never do HER.

I would Meet Jasper Cause I think he is really Hot Yummy 

In ma tummy!

Honestly as much as I love all the cullens which is why I don't think I could choose just one of them so instead I would love to meet the half vampire half human they introduce in the end because he could be with me without him worrying about his hunger for my blood cause our food can sustain him, from what I saw he can have kids and if I wanted to stay with him forever he could turn me with one bite

You know that's a good reason

i would want to meet ashley greene aka alice so she can teach me how to do those amazing acrobatics tricks

Excellent reason I'd want to learn too.


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