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If any of you have seen some of the stills from around the set of Eclipse, what do you think about Jasper? Does he look different to you?

If you haven't seen them then here's a link to a page that has a few stills.

Tell me what you think :)

Thanks ♥

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I think he looks HOT!!!
They're using his own hair instead of a wig, so it actually moves and he doesn't look so stiff and scared...
I can't wait to see a fighting Jasper...
That's good, I don't really like the actors wearing wigs... and it does look better.

I can't wait to see him fighting and seeing the flashback of his history. That will be one of my favorite parts!

Yes, he's got longer hair.
I also can't waiitt(L).
No but i would love to
Yeah me too :)
he looks sexier every time i c him
Exactly :)
Yeah I totally agree-- I loved the fighting scene :)
i loved him in eclipse he was so hot
agreed :D
*smiles* He was great in the fight scene (one of my favorite parts). Haha :)
Yeah Alice and Jasper are the perfect couple :)


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