The Twilight Saga

I've read stories where Bella and Jasper are a couple.

I would like to know what other people think of these fanfics.

I like them, I think in a way Jasper and Bella would make a good couple.

I am starting my own JasperxBella story and I would love to know who would actually read it also.

Thanks, ~Mandy~

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I wouldn't mind reading it.

Do you have a link?

yeah i would read it I actually like jasper and bella as a couple
i would and i have wrote a few jasper/bella stories
I kind of like them together, never really though about it till I read a fan fiction on it
write it and you never know what will happen but take that chance

i think you should because they are cute together look at the way he looks at me in the movie when i first met him and hi guys it is me KRISTEN STEWART.

no i cant even imagine that team Jalice all the way


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