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I like Jasper!!! He is kind and he really love's Alice!! In "New Moon" he plays perfectly!!! And he is sorry about that accident with Bella... And Cullen's family might stay at Forks, but Edward thought that Bella will be at safe without comunication with vampire family!!!
and as his hair... I like it in New Moon better than in Twilight... (:
not as hot as twilight but still hot
I think it doesn't matter he is still HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone said that it didn't look as clean and that it looked a lot better in Twilight. But I think people are forgetting that in Twilight he didn't attack anyone except James, I think that the longer hair makes him look a little bit more scarier. When I saw Jackson in person, his hair was really long, and that was right before they started filming Eclipse.
Its a wig that is why it looks different.....but he I would still let him bite and mess with my emotions any day of the week!
I like it. He looks more like a southerner
no comment
i loved his hair in twilight but i liked it a little better in new moon
it looked more professional
i love it!
His sideburns kinda bugged me but other than was pretty good, he wasnt as clean cut as he was in Twilight.
he is always cute...for me, doesn't matter how his hair looks....
his hair is better in twilight


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