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I don't like it at all personally. Really... I LOVED his hair in Twilight
i know me to i loved his hair in twilight but now omg this is bad he should leave it like it was in twilight
ur right
I hate it... :(
the big picture makes my brother look butt ugly. The 2nd one is fine.
omg wut do u mean ~isnt clean~
its all right...but his hair in twilight was way hotter!
i dont mind it tbh
really i just love him (:
you got that right he will always be HOT!!!
heck yes. twilight hair is better. but he's workin it. haha
Jasper's hair is like a web of mysteries.
The entire way through Twilight alot of my thoughts revolve around Jasper's hair XD

Anyway....I think we should give the New Moon hair a chance, that may just be a bad picture.


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