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I think Jessica is the most annoying to me.

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Bella 'cause she stole Edward.

(Why can't I live in Twilight!)

thank you!

4 me jessica and mike win hands down

Am I the only one who has a burning hatred for Bella? And not because she gets Jacob and Edward, I find Edward a Gary Stu and Jacob... idk, I just don't like him that way. But anyways, Bella overdramatizes EVERYTHING, like the world's gonna end if she can't have Edward.


And I think people underestimate Mike & Jessica...

jess and jacob
I find Bella really annoying; she's playing around with both Jake & Edwards heads.
As second and third I would put... Jessica and Felix.
Funny how almost all of you guys forget about the bad guys xD. 

i think that it has 2b tyler, cuz after the accident he wudnt leave Bella alone.... yet again i think probably all of her "friends" r annoying.... (not talking about the Cullens, just the other 1s)

Jessica, Mike, Rosalie are soo very annoying!

yea, in the movie i found her more annoying than in the book.

Edward!!! Hate him very much!

Why, he's sort of the main character in Twilight!


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