The Twilight Saga

I think that JASPER HALE is the cutest... what about you???

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Edward is definatly the hottest, but since they all aren't *sniff* real why can't we love all the Cullen boys?

I agree i mean since they are just names and descriptions on paper why cant we love them all? (the idea of them not being real though makes me want to cry!)

JASPER!! All the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ok . the hint is jasper hale and so jasper hales adoptive bro Edward Cullen is the hottest cullen boy. Reason for my ans is edward is really deserving it and jasper is not a cullen.

wait!!! i forgot ! He is the coolest Boy of the cullen family.. He is soooooo cute! jasper for sure!



Edward= hottest boy

Jasp=Coolest boy

Eward for sure :)


their all pretty HOT but Edward is most HOT!!!



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