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why do some girls like edward? It's wierd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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maybe edward is their ideal guy...but i like jasper more...haha...(^_^)
because S.Meyer wanted Edward to look like perfect man for most girls xD
idk but jasper has some "battel scares"
i mean "battle scares"

I agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is probably my favorite part of Eclipse, him talking to Bella and him teaching everyone to fight newborns.

That's funny!!!!!! I wish I had the dvd, I have have a copy of it on my computer.

Just to let you know I'm one of those girls who obsess over Edward. In my opinion, (since all of them are taken) I think we can all love more than one Cullen boy.

OK............ Jasper and Carlise. Happy?

Ha-Ha. You're funny.


I <3 Edward, Emmet, and Jasper!

Lol Edward n Jacob are cute n all but if I had to choose from the cullen family I would choose jasper my se one choice would be Carlisle but if I had to choose outside the Cullen family it would totally be Benjamin with Garrett in a close second


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