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why do some girls like edward? It's wierd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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i totally agree with you`!<3

Good 4 u!!
cuz sum girls think hes hot, and in the book i think he is described like every grils dream guy.

Edward's supposedly perfect, but he doesn't have battle scars like Jasper does.

I dislike Edward. He TOO 'perfect'.  To be just right, you have to have some flaws. Flaws are cute. :) ( just not too many )

I agree with you. EdwArd also doesn't acknowledge his flaws, which is not good.

Well...I'm Team Jacob so I couldn't tell ya...but the only vampire who gets to me is's his mysteriousness and his voice ;) He's just...unf! Too much, man....

His Southern accent and Southern gentlemaness is what makes Jasper so awesome! That and he was in the Civil War.

I could listen to him read the damn ingredients on a toothpaste tube and get excited! XD

So very true. Its that accent!

and that deep voice.....*le sigh*

I guess from Alice's visions and Midnightsun partial draft If she was with Jasper she'd end up dead and plus no offence to Bella fans but Jasper is too good for her


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