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i cant beleve what krisnta did to her hair

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i knoe i dun like it either
i liked her brown hair more!!
yea i agree i dont like it either
I don't mind the color. The syle in which it's cut is another story. I know she's just in character for "The Runaways". So I hope she grows it out again. In any case she kicks ass and she can dye her hair neon orange and wear it well.
I wish she kept her original style, but with the black color. That would look pretty cool. But she's tryin' to play joan jett.
i loved her old hair but i think it was realy cool of her to dedicate herself so much to a role
She'll change it back as soon as she's done with The Runaways with Dakota fanning and Robert Pattinson likes it and like Rob I don't care what her hair looks like it's just her personality that I care about and Robert Pattinson only cares about that too so who cares it's her chose and she has a good personality that no one will care about her hair
yes i dont like it either i love her brown hair
i dont like her present hair style.........i like her more with the long brown hair.........i know its for the Runaways bt i hope she grows it back soon...........


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