The Twilight Saga

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I'm dying ...can't handle till november

I know right?!?!   and the part 2 is the next November!!!  ughhh can't wait that long for that LOL.... this movie trailer makes it look so freaking awesome... especially with the headboard!  omg


it would have killed me if the feathers were added lmaooo.

i know...can't they bring it up 6 months lol 

that is what Harry Potter did.... the 1st part of Harry Potter was awesome.  I loved the books!  Am excited to see part 2 of Harry Potter but I am even more excited for Breaking Dawn lol


OMG, OMG, OMG!! I'm dying here. That was the BEST EVER trailer of BD. Rob Looks drop dead gorgeous and Kristen WOW. Edward breaking the head bored. I am absolutely speechless. Bill Condon you are a genius. This movie is going to kick some serious ass. *BIG SIGH* KT One very happy twilight fan : )
That was a cool trailer for the movie! Can't wait for the movie to come out!


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