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What is it about Kristen that people hate so much? Is it because she gets to make out with Rob? I've noticed there are a lot of haters out there, but I just don't get why. She is such a cool girl. She's blunt and forthcoming. I love the way she rebuffs the absurdity in crazed out comments. She is a strong independent women. I love that about her. I also love the fact that she brings so much of her own little qwirkyness to the film. She puts a stronger tougher spin on how Bella is portrayed in the book. I think she does a great job. And she replys to her fans. I sent her a message on myspace and she sent me one back. She's real, that's what I like about her. She doesn't pretend to have this different "public" persona. You go Kristen! Love you girl!

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I guess I am commenting on this thread today because I am so tired of other groups slamming her. I joined this group because I really like her as an actress and I think she did a great job portraying Bella. I saw the movie first-really liked it, and got the books... and didn't really understand the depth of Bellas emotions until I read the books. Then I understood what a really great job she did in playing this role. Bella isn't supposed to be beautiful, according to Bella, but remember every guy asking her I have just read a few threads about how she looks too pretty in New Moon??? What??

She acted very anxious at Comi-con, but I think she knows that so many people don't like her as Bella and maybe her insecurity is really overwhelming...IDK...just a guess...I obviously don't know her...maybe she really hates that kind of public appearance....but why do other women dislike her so much....she is young, energetic....and WHY are Rob and Taylors performances treated like masterpieces of film work when hers is not??? She could be my daughter...gulp...and I don't understand why other women don't support her more.....

Just reaching out to see if someone out there feels the same....
I totally agree with you. I mean, I personally think she is an amazing actress and I know that in a couple of years she'll be a massive hollywood star. I love the way she's nervous and totally uncomfortable in interviews because to be honest, I would act the same way. You can tell Kristen is not an actress for the fame. She's an actress because she loves to act. And shes a pretty good one too. I don't get why people hate her so much. But I personally think shes the only actress nowadays thats down to earth and relatable. She'll go far. No doubt about that. :)
Thanks for the affirmation of my thoughts...its nice to know there are others that like her too....
sure mate..........i totally agree to that..........i guess people dont like those who r honest and down - to - earth.......and they know she wil reach new heights in her career so they r simply we shouldnt pay attention to these buffs.........cause we all know hw gr8 an actress she is !!!!!


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