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What is it about Kristen that people hate so much? Is it because she gets to make out with Rob? I've noticed there are a lot of haters out there, but I just don't get why. She is such a cool girl. She's blunt and forthcoming. I love the way she rebuffs the absurdity in crazed out comments. She is a strong independent women. I love that about her. I also love the fact that she brings so much of her own little qwirkyness to the film. She puts a stronger tougher spin on how Bella is portrayed in the book. I think she does a great job. And she replys to her fans. I sent her a message on myspace and she sent me one back. She's real, that's what I like about her. She doesn't pretend to have this different "public" persona. You go Kristen! Love you girl!

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idk lol
just a q how is she going to nm the movie about joan jett- eclipse they all this year ???
eclipse is next year!
i tottally agree with you
i was really disappointed when her father said those things at the oscar and then with her interview and i couldnt believe she`d bash her fans like that... but now that she explained what she meant when she said that and why she didnt go to the oscars, i see it was all just a misunderstanding and she`s really the girl i thought she was... maybe that was just her father`s opinion or maybe he was misunderstood as well... a bad choice of words can cause many problems - like it did with kristen`s interview...
but anyway, i really like her and i think she`s a great actress and she has everything to be huge in hollywood - at least in my opinion... if she gets good opportunities and chooses well what her next works will be she will be big...
people piss me off when they keep talking about that picture where she`s supposedly smoking pot (we dont actually know what she was smoking and there are rumors that it might be a scene for a movie... anyway i dont care) its not of our business what the girl does with her own free time, thats her problem
people just seem to have this need to pick on her... and maybe thats because she gets to see Rob and kiss him and etc and all the girls wanted to be her :P
or maybe its something else
she really is strong and she seems to be very true and hearty on her interviews and stuff like that... she doesnt seem to pretend to be someone she`s not, like she is trying to be the person everyone expects her to be... if she was like that, she`d be really careful with what she says and she seems to be very honest on her interviews... a proof that she doesnt overthink/analyse and doesnt have preset answers is the misunderstading with her interview where she said the situations with fans were psychotic... if she had preset answers and thought about what people want to hear and thought about how that might sound she would have said it differently
she`s just honest - thats why there are misunderstandings and thats why people like to pick on her so much... that and... well... she gets to kiss Rob.
LOL :)
Kristen Is awsome she brangs so much to the movies. I have seen all her movies well besides the ones comming out i cant wait to see adventureland and cake eaters and the rest of the movies that she is in. She is so normal i mean she is good at what she does and i dont think Kathrine could have picked a better person to play Bella. WE LOVE YOU KRISTEN!! Keep up the good work. Well for the people who dont like Kristen they dont know what there missin.
AGREE!! :)
people just love bashing.. haha..

I JUST LOVE HER.. and that's it!!!
"people just love bashing"... you are SO right, people just keep looking for reasons to say anything about her (and about Robert too)...
i say just live and let live, right? in my opinion they're awesome.
The people who hate Kristen dont know what a good actress is cause she is the best ever.
well kristen is a cool girl and blunt and forthcoming but i think most people hate her because she kisses rob she smokes pipe and others but we dont care because under all that she is just a teenagerr just like us. she would want to be us than her.She would love to go out shopping or skating without poparazzi taking pics or be filming everyday and nothing but that so why do people hate her cuz she gets all that but really she hates it sometimes.It is not because she gets to make out with rob. So i think that people should not hate her cuz she is just like us

Love ya, Kristen
I agree w/ you!!!
People are of course jealous!!!
I mean, I'm jealous!!!
But, NOT a hater!!!
She's very quirky and lije you said, brings her 'personal' touch to her movies, like so few actors do...
One of my faves. who's that way is Nicolas Cage... He always brings a few of his 'signature' quirks to the screen...

Oh!!! BTW, I love her hair and I want that same hair color!!!


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