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I wanna know what do you think about all of those comments around this site talking trash about Kristen´s performance in The Twilight Movies. I personally think they are to harsh for her. I think she portrays a darker Bella from the book,(i think it is cuz I imagined Bella with another personality, but thats my imagination!)but think she is an amazing actress!

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i think the same, but what have they said about her? tell me...
"I think Kristen is awkward, I mean as a overall person. I saw so many pictures of her smoking, what I assume is weed. And her wierd awkward smile, like if she doesn't like fans bothering her. It's stupid, how in a magazine she said she doesn't like fans seeing her! Then what's the point iof her being an actress?!?!!! I hate her! I really wish I could have a reason to like her, I really do. I try my best to think of something. But I don't come up with anything."

that is one comment I HATE!!
thats so dumb! kristen is always saying how much she appreciates her fans and that no one should ever hesitate to ask for her autograph or anything.
harsh harsh harsh. poor kristen.
so wat if she smokes ! the whole cast do ! and i love her beautiful smile
Kristen Stewart is just a young actress :D They can't be so harsh with she :D And she's actig really good in evey movie specially twilight :X
So true...
Yeah I don't understand why they put her down. I think she is talented and very modest. I like her. I wonder if they have seen her do anything else besides Twilight.
I think it's wrong they shouldn't be talking trash about bella I think she's doing an awesome job and she's perfect for this part if your true twilight fans you wouldn't talk bad about her I think she's terriffic and I like that she's a real person just like us people who aren't famous and I pictured the way she is she's doing great so be nice
totally agree.
yes they are harsh comments.
i love kristen she is great in all the movies and other ones she does. she portrays Bella perfectly and is a very talented actress! she also has a rockingfashion sense!

have a look at the film she is in called 'the cake eaters'. its an awkward story however kristen plays a girl with a muscular disability. she plays it so well, as these days many actors can't really act having a disability.


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