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I wanna know what do you think about all of those comments around this site talking trash about Kristen´s performance in The Twilight Movies. I personally think they are to harsh for her. I think she portrays a darker Bella from the book,(i think it is cuz I imagined Bella with another personality, but thats my imagination!)but think she is an amazing actress!

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ya kristen can pretty much play any part and thats awesome she does rock I think some people are just a little bit jealous but I think she's terriffic and I will check out cake eaters I'm sure it's good
agreed lol
there isn't much of a story line but the acting is good.
I know why.

She got to be Bella, and fans are jealous because she kissed Edward (in the film. I don't believe the stupid rumors.)

See! I love her style
I cant believe thay said all this thigs about her. there all just jealous because shes pretty, even if some say she's a tomboy, and shes really talented. What she did with bella in twilight was great, she was brill!!! :) And i abgree with wat S@R@ Am@L said!!
Can I just say... GO KRISTEN STEWART!!! :D for being herself!!
Thank You!!!! :D thats wat I think!! x x
i also agree, i think kris is a very talented person, she does a great job in many films she's in. kristen doesn't deserve the negativety she gets, she's shy and she wants some privacy at some times, and people mistake that as her avoiding the media. and she is an adult, she should make her own choices. and this whole robsten mess that's been going on for months, they need to leave robert and kris alone, and quit pressuring them, they're young and trying to get used to everything. i think once the twilight saga craziness is over, people will move on and forget about robsten (just like zac and vanessa).
I Know, I kept on reading that she has the same acting and hair touching in every movie.
Saying that she does drugs and is mean. shes a lesbian.
Whats wrong with these people and having so much hate.
I have been watching her interviews and she speaks so intelligible about her character and the meaning. She is the most passionate actress that i have ever heard in interviews. Her hair always reflects over the character she plays. Playing jett in runaways is what i think spark the issues because of her rocker hair.

Whatever anyone says i still love her and meeting her is on my bucket list lol.
Just 1 reason why ppl hates Kristen : They envy her. Lol. I ‎​♥ Kristen!
the reason you bring out so much hate is because your jealous

it's pretty sad if you ask me.....would you want someone bashing you 24/7...yeah she picked acting even though this crap comes with it but still she picked acting...
alot of people say she cant act. i persoanly think kristen can. i just let people talk. couse for one you cant stop what they say couse they are goin to keep up with what they think. i would love to stop people and say your wrong. but its a waste of time. i know what i think and kristen is a wonderful and amazing young acteress and thats all i need to think about.
wow how can people ever talk about a hardworking actress like that?


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