The Twilight Saga

Well, at the Teen Choice Awards, I noticed that she chopped all her black hair now its really short..

Tell me what you think?
Long brown hair? Long black, or short black?

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i lyked it when it was long and brown. so much prettier
i like the brown wavy better then anything else. the short hair kinda makes me sad. :-(
i like her brown long hair but the short hair is for a movie
liked it better long but hey it was for a movie
i like wat shes been doing they all look great
long brown hair
i love her long brown hair!... "bella look" is really good on her... it looks so natural... but no matter what she does with her hair she's still kristen...!
i looks better brown but i like kristen and and im ok wit wat she did it looks kinda cool
long and brown
Long brown it matter wt i love the Bella look............its the best 4 her............i realy dont know wy she did it......can anybody guess????
she did it for joan jett it looks awesome onher
I love her long brown hair. It suited her way better. I mean her new hair is nice but it just isn't her. You know what I mean?


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