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Well, at the Teen Choice Awards, I noticed that she chopped all her black hair now its really short..

Tell me what you think?
Long brown hair? Long black, or short black?

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no matter wat she does i still like her brown long hair wayy better
yeah.. i think the "bella" look is so good on her! but that's just the role she played i think thats not her actually... the short black hair shows her real personality and i see she likes it more...
ayyy ps me gusta q el cabello de jacob, este corto
Long brown hair looks better to's really crazy and brave what she has done to her hair but still I prefer her Bella Swan look :)
u just noticed that. its been like that for weeks now
Sorry! I just noticed! So what!
how did u just notice? it was like that at 2009 comic con....the brown do need 2 come back
I havent seen the 2009 Comic Con yet! I havent had time to look at it! Sorry guys!
i preferr the long brown hair


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