The Twilight Saga

Okay So These things have been Bugging Me to death the last couple of weeks and I thought that maybe one of you might know.
1.What ring is it That Kristen Always wears on her Index Finger? Its like Silver and Black.

2. What Blue Shoes Is Kristen Always Wearing? THey have like a V in a Cirlce on the side.

If you can answer any of these questions please Message me.

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the shoes:

sorry, don´t know anything about the ring...
how knows
Hey Linds, Kristen's wearing Vans shoes but I don't know the model, maybe you should do a research on the official website.
I dont know. I love her rings tho:)
The one on her middle finger is my fav i have one just like it.
I have the one on her middel finger too!
Spoon Rings,I think they are called.
ya, even ive noticed them. hey, y does she always wear those shoes? doesn't she wear stilettos?


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