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well i think kristin and rob would make a cute couple what do you guys think

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omg i hate that robs not single but if he had to date anyone i would want it to be her lol. michaels not cute anyways. i think that they are supe cute together. if i can find the limo pics ill post them on here
ok i cant find any pictures, ive heard so many things and i cant find out for sure if they are dating. I heard (im not saying its true) that they are not going to go public with it until after New Moon. But im not for sure so dont take my word.
i thought that they would marry but they broke up so i guess not
they go out now yipeeeeeeeeeeeeskipeeeeeeeeeeeee
I found the limo pics everyone was asking for...
well Kristen and Rob do look happy 2gether.
i think Robsten should live.
well they look happy together i think Robsten should live i mean in the limo pics you should see how Kristen looks at Rob when he's not looking and if you go to my album Kristen and Rob like each other there's a picture there where Kristen is leaning against Rob and she looks like she likes it there.
I think they are the best couple ever!
i think that they are a great couple!!!
can't believe i'm saying this but yeah they do don't they
kristen stewart and taylor lautner
sort of... not bad. but i think he shud try other girls too!


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