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well i think kristin and rob would make a cute couple what do you guys think

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absolutely not!
did you see the limo photos?? i think they look like more than friends, but who knows lol
true they do look more like good friends
ummmm do u know where i can c the limo pics? i haven seen em yet.
i heard she met his parents and they went to a romantic trip to Italy and her and her boy friend now is fizzling( maybe thinking about going different ways) her nd rob is perfect 2 getha
yes of course!!!
I love them!!! TOGETHER BETTER!!
I prefer Rob with me but I know it´s not possible so I prefer they!!
i think they make an awesome couple they look really cute together! i wish they would jus get together already! forget about michael(no offense to michael or anythin i jus dont find him attractive)!!!
Yes they would! Can u post the limo pics link????????? PLez!
yeah, they're really a cute couple. and how I wish that's a true life story, don't you think?
robsten! :D :D
They are cute together, but I prefer Michael and her.
dey wer cute together..

and i think ders ''more than frend'' ..

behind da movie..



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