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love the shoes and dress!!!
i havent got to see that part yet, i had to leave after the trailer was shown but i have it recorded and everyone was talking about it. but yeah i love the shoes with the dress... so something i would have done!!!
she WAS supposed to wear heels, but she sprained her ankle!
but i love the dress in combination with the converse... =)
how did she do that? Poor her. Kinda like Bella at prom lol
yeah she´s really like bella sometimes! =)
who else could drop an award??? *lol*
but i don´t know the story how it happened.... maybe i can find something in the web...
i couldn´t find the story how it happened, but here is the proof:
i love how she wore her converses withe her dress it looked really cool!!! i kinda thought that was funny & embarisin when she dropped her popcorn but she still looked rerally cool and jus shrugged it off!
yeah i agree... so down to earth and random like the every day person not some hollywood star... like it stardom came out of no where... and im glad you all enjoy the pictures i found
oh i agree. she's not like all the other celebrities. shes not afraid to show how nervous and awkward she is during interviews. i hate people that always go 'shes always stuttering and fidgeting!' but tbh, if i had to sit infront of a camera and tell everybody why i chose to act as a certain character or something, i'd be soo nervous! i'd probably end up just going 'okay, can we stop now?' i think kristen stewart is an actress that we can all relate too. yano. her hairs not always perfect and she drops things and stutters and stuff like that. and i can relate to her that way cause shes like the only celebrity that people can actually go 'oh, i would've done that too'. anyways...i think i've rambled on long enough. haha. :)
tatally i kno what u mean, and i feel bad 4 her, becasue her 5 year boyfriend broke up with her, because of all the stuff thats been printed about her and rob, but i just think that her ex boy, was jelous
really? like true and not just rumours?
i like the pictures... i love her and i love what happened to her in mtv awards..


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