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I like In The Land Of Women, Into The Wild, and Painc Room.
The Messengers is good, too :)
Where did you get "Into the Wild"? I've been tryin' to find it.
i should be getting SPEAK this week so that should be good!
imm....catch that kid was ok but she did do a terrific job at it!!! i really loved speak and the messangers!! and of course, twilight!!!!!!
I saw speak. It was pretty good.
mmm... this is a hard decission, but it will be Speak, she play Melanie Surdino EXCELLENT, when I read the book and then saw the movie i was like "WOW, Kristen is an amazing actress" (:
I love The Messengers~~~~~

I want to watch Panic Room and Adventureland~~~
SPEAK is my all time favorite other than twilight. but i also like messengers, in the land of women and the cake eaters. panic room was also really good. i liked her in into the wild but i wish there would have been more of her character.
Hmm...I like loads of her movies.
She's good in In The Land Of Women, Adventureland and Speak. Those would be my faveourite Kristen Stewart movies. :)
where did you see Into the Wild?
My favorite Kristen Movie would be....The Messengers or.....Catch That Kid. But I really wanna see Adventureland and Into the Wild!!
i love SPEAK.

she is so awesome in that movie.


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