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i did. i thought for the amount of time they were on screen and this being their first project together, they did a great job... i thought quil (even tho he's not a werewolf) did a great job!! he was so funny!

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i loved it personally! lol they did a really good job together. i thot it was hilarious when jacob introduced bella to quil and embry! Quil was all "hey, im quil arterea."

yea, i spelled that wrong lol

The Jacob-wolf was awesome in New Moon...that's exactly how I imagined him.

New Moon at LaPush
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i have to say that i love the acting of the other 4 werewolves along with Taylor....they did a great job
they were awesome!!! i thought it was so funny cuz jake was the only one who was ripped and all the other guys were just kinda ...uhhh.....flabby???? lolol!!
none of them were flabby. girl u need your eyes checked pronto.
i loved it..espeacilly wen jacob black plunged into e air n transformed into a were wolf... <3


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