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I"M A NATIVE AMERICAN!! ya! you heard me!! the sucky part is way way back in the day my great great great great grandpa was from scotland and the other was from Ireland. as of the moment my mom is the cheif!! and unlike in the books, it is not passed through genoration :( but you have to be voted in!!! wanna ask any questions about being North American ask away!! ya. first of all I'm not Quileute, I'm Woodland Cree :D

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wow... just realized this is my first time posting as NOT Alice haha

Cool I've got some cherokke bloodlines that go back a few generations but I dont live in a tribe because when my great great great great grandmother left Ireland for America during the potato famine she fell in love with a native American but because he wanted to marry an "outsider" he was banished from the tribe : (

awww!! thats so sad!! that happened to my auntie!! well... she's my moms bff but she's like an aunt! check out Waneek Horn-Miller and Keith Morgan.

Ohhhhh, Intresting :) I have Annsectors in Scotland and Ireland :)


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