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do you think jacob should have hooked up with leah or are you happy it was renesmee

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Leah. They are very good together
thank you for all the replies nice to others opinions
go go renesmee
I would say Leah, but as one girl said if he would've imprinted on Leah he would've never gotten to know Bella,and the saga would be diff. than what we know of lol.
I just think they should be friends, I understand they both feel the same pain, and they would be cute together I admit. So out of the two I would go with Renesme.
i think reenesme is better, although bella was perfect
i would like to say leah but she is to moody for light-hearted i wil have to say renesmee @ least he like's her!! well it's a bit sick but yeah....
i think leah would have been better. she could have used someone like jacob, that would truly understand her. Renesmee was also way young and that was kinda weird,
iThaink jake should have imprinted on Leah they would be the perfect couple.

Yeah like that one chick said it would have ended with bella dieing but i still tink leah XD

Neither. I think he should have hooked up with either Bella (If Edward NEVER existed) or some one else I cant remember their name... haha!
i wished Leah was with Jake cause Nessie will live forever and Jacob won't


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