The Twilight Saga

do you think jacob should have hooked up with leah or are you happy it was renesmee

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i think it should have been leah they would have made a good couple and had cute babies.
for me its a tie leah seem better but idk renesmee is so cute and adorable either is good for him
i would have liked leah but i like it with renesmee. she fits him and bella is now like in her family and all

poor leah she is all alone
leah should have imprinted on Jake and he should have imprinted on her
she shoudl have!
No, not Leah. Nothing against Leah, so don't be offended, but I think Leah and Jacob are good as just friends. Besides, if Jacob had imprinted on Leah, it would have been the first time he saw her after turning into a wolf. Therefore, he wouldn't have tried to tell Bella about the werewolves, therefore, he never would have known Bella was jumping off the cliff. And THEREFORE, Bella would have died, and that would have been the tragic end to the epic Twilight Saga. So, no, Jacob and Leah are better off as friends.
thats ur opinion...makes sense tho
I think Jacob should have hooked up with Leah because it's a little strange with Renesmee (about the age i mean)........................


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