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Hi all. To me, Seth is like the awesomest character in the whole saga so i thought all of us Team Seth could like gather all his pics in one discussion...

Rules: 1. Post pictures of Seth! (or Booboo Stewart)

2. Comment!

3. Repeat!

Here's one:

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Great Photo!!! He si a handsome young man and so nice when we talk on Face Book. I have been promoting his new movie :The White Frog". . Plays a Autistic teen and my son also has Autsim. Hope to meet him in NC Twi Con.


too sexy! lol love it


He is to hot !!!!!

I love him in that pic!

yeah gosh, he's like 16 or so but so hooooooooooooooooooottttt!!

Love this one <3

I like looking at this one 'cause of his Jasper hair lol:


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