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ok i have seen most of the wolf pack pictures and i noticed that they all have a tattoo. why, the book doesnt say anything about that. does anyone know.

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Maybe they think that it will make it more interesting. I think it identifies them and makes them more significant and sort of distinguishes them. Like this tatoo shows that you are part of the pack. That kind of thing.
i guese that could be
That's what I thought, also it gives a look that you know they are different than humans
idk maybe is just a symbol or something like that...but in the books they have never a tattoo
ya i think that it will be like the cullens family crescent, but t wasn't in the book
i think its supposed to be like a tribal tattoo
Have to wait for the movie. Let's hope they say something about it so the mystery is solved.The movie is never like the book 100%.
thank those are all good answers
i love that tattoo, it is soooooo hot
The tattoos are to symbolize that they are part of the pack. It's not metioned in the book, but books are different than movies. Books get into the mind of the character, but movies are visual; you need a physical way to represent the pack. That's why the movie producers made the tattoo.

I think it's a good idea, anyway. =)
idk. i guess it's just some hollywood-wolf thing that they added to make it cool. but i like it!
in old legends it is said that each pack memberhas a mark unique to their pack in thier human form. Each pack's symbol was supposedly unique and inflicted by the other pack members. It's usually a scar or burn in a certain spot or shape. Never heard one about a tattoo though..


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