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I'm a 28 year old chick from north east USA, currently living in the southern USA. When I'm not moderating, I'm a freelance artist. I have way too many interests to list here, but the majors include martial arts, fine art, illustration and sewing. I don't like to go on and on about myself, so there ya go, a few little factoids about me. :]
Hi Moderator Genn!
HI Genn=) I am from the North East. I would love to live int he warmer weather right now, it is

I'm the really old chick (HUGE birthday on 10/10/10), living in north east USA, that supervises the moderators. I'm married with 3 kids that are actually men now. I have little to no spare time, but when I can find it, I turn off every sound, get cozy and read. I've been trying for years to become a mini dachshund breeder, but my male wants no parts of it. Why I threw in that fact, I don't know. I'm just really not all that interesting!

I don't get to hang out here much with the great members anymore, but this is one of my most favorite sites that we moderate!
I don't know Minn. People just ask to count my rings now.
Happy early birthday!!!
Thank you :)
Hello Katy=)

Another north east dweller<3

I really love this site as well!
Did you create this site? :)
Hi everyone, I'm Liz..not my real name. LOL. I live in the South East USA. I've got a dog named Pepper and a cat named Lucky. I really like Twilight and was a part of the original site. I enjoy reading, hanging out with my friends and watching movies. Uhm, what else? I just recently got my first tattoo - it was awesome. I'm 29 yrs old. I love to drive fast. I love ice hockey, football and the Boston Red Sox. :)
Ahh.. Red Sox fan. So you don't like the Yankees. I don't either! I crinkle my nose at them!
Im a HUGE Phillies fan!
*high five*


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