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Hi all -

Just a quick note about role play characters and profiles:

Listing yours or your characters' sexual status is not allowed on this site. This means listing or mentioning whether or not you or your character is a virgin, how far you've gone, etc. This is considered sexual content, not to mention that it's not safe to do.

If you have this information on your profile, please remove it. If you've been posting this information in your character info on your role plays, please go through your posts and delete it. We are issuing warnings and bans for this. 

There is no reason for you to mention anything about being a virgin unless you're planning on sexual role play, which is also not allowed, and is grounds for a permanent ban.


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Well you guys found it, so a lot of other people have/will too. :)

No, you don't need to report those unless they were recently changed to a role play group. There is more than one role play group that we approved awhile ago, so most of them are okay.


We're not making another role play group at this time, we want it to stay in the existing groups.

There isn't a second roleplay group. There are other RP groups that're specific to their RP. Like the Packs, ITWoT, ect. Though, I don't like that suggestion of getting rid of the RP groups, because I myself own some and if they were in a discussion format then they wouldn't work out at all; because of the much detail put into it.
Right, the other role play groups are mostly pack groups. None of them are actually called "Role Play".
Yeah, what Genn said, I recently joined a group that's sort of a school role play thing with different threads for the dorms, classes, etc., it's pretty cool, but i haven't gotten very far into it yet, it's called Rock Academy. Not sure if you'll ever see this, but I tried.

When you're reporting them, you're linking to your inbox, which we can't see. Someone sending you a message saying "we have singles" is not really breaking the rules. You can remove them from your friend list so they can't send you messages anymore. That's really the best option.


Also, we warn a lot o people for the messages they send daily, but you don't know that, because we don't tell you every time we warn someone, as we're not allowed to discuss other members' accounts with you. I can assure you that something does happen.


If it's chain mail, please keep reporting it by linking us to their profile, and copying and pasting the contents of the email in the report an issue feature. We can't look into your inbox.

We do the best with what we have, considering this isn't a role play site. This is why we're trying to keep it contained in the groups we have now. That's pretty much the only way to organize it at all.

So hi, I don't roleplay at all, but I am curious about the main points in the discussion: does not including your sexual status, mean you cannot list if your character is gay at all? I don't mean any offense to anyone, but I am curious, is all.

I would appreciate if this could be answered :)

Sexual status is whether or not you're a virgin. Sexual orientation is whether you're straight, gay, etc. Sexual orientation is fine. We just don't want anyone listing whether or not they've had sex, what they've done, how far they've gone, etc.


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