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This is where you can post any suggestions you might have for the site. Any technical suggestions will be happily passed onto Ning.

*Please keep in mind that the site rules are not negotiable, so this isn't the place to suggest rule changes.

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Perhaps website affiliates that could be listed on the front page of the site? I think it would be really cool. :]
how about having an asian moderator? i think its good because whoever it will be is i guess familiar with our talkies... i mean some of our mods are from europe or US.. having an asian mod is good for us..=)
I'm not a mod, but I thought I should let you know that at the bottom right of every page there's a "Report and Issue" button. Actually, two, but both work the same XD
Yep, the Report an Issue link does exactly that, Minn. It ensures that a moderator will see it asap, since we check it daily. You can find it on the bottom right-hand corner of the site. Thanks, Kara. ;]
I suggest you make a feedback box thing. So people can comment on what they like and don't liek and how to change it or somethign liek that!
i suggest you have a FAQ discussion. many ask why we cant post utside links...and so on
There's a technical support part of the website. If you go to the "Discussions" it's the very last section of the forum. I thought there was an FAQ, but I can't seem to find it... :/
i know but not many people go there...and it doesnt have like reasons for why their are certain rules
Yeah, we might post a FAQ thread here, thanks for the suggestion.
no problem Genn
i would also liek to suggest that once a group is approved that you watch and make sure they dont change it. i admit im guilty of it. but everyone renames them after they get approved...thats why they are so many wolf packs when you only let a few in
We're aware that people have been doing that. Thanks for confirming it, though. We'll definitely be watching daily for it now.


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