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What do you Edward lovers think is  going to happen this year for Twilight? Rob and Kristen are back together[Hallelujah!], how do you guys think it will affect both of their lives and familys? Breaking Dawn Part 2 is going to be coming out on DVD probably somtime in May, are you people going to  pre-order it? How do you think the rest of the Twilight Cast's carrers are going to go this year? So much to think and we're only in the first month! Tell me what you guys think!

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What happened to that thing about Rob Patz saying that the only way their getting back together is if they get married or something? Or was that not true?

Anyway i am glad that they got back together! I think that the press will be all over their lives!!!!

I have already pre-ordered breaking dawn, can't wait to watch it again!

I think that the girl who played Renesme will have a big acting career ahead of her and kristen and robert will be in some more movies as well as taylor, but im not sure about the other cast.

Are you going to watch 'The Host' when it comes out in the cinema's?

I think that 2013 will be a good year!!!!

I didn't now you could pre-order BD2 already! Makenzie Foy, [Renesmee] I agree does have a big life ahead of her.

Also I think that the press will be too involed in Rob and Kristen's relationship which may make more complications, I don't know, Rob and Kristen are on God's grace now. They can do what ever they want to do.

I really hope, that Stephenie Meyer will write more books about the Twilight saga!

And I hope for Kristen and Rob that they are happy, it doesn’t matter if they are together or not.

What matters is that they are happy and make lovely movies.


I think that the whole cast will have a good year :)


Yeah I think so too.


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