The Twilight Saga

I love all all of the characters in Twilight, I mean why do people have to be such haters?

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I know! >.< Why can't people just talk about the ones they love, and not hate on the ones they don't?! Like I don't like Pual really(although they got a pretty nice looking actor to play him I will admit. ;) ), but I don't hate on him! >.< I just talk about the many many people I do love! Why can't we all just get along?
yes i wish people weren't so negative and hateful
same name same choice i also love all of the characters
i agree
how do I want from Russia to America
I know it sucks eh? But luckily 4 me i love all the charachters!
so true...
I mean why can't they just respect the things that we love?
Is that too much to ask?
I have no clue. All the characters in Twilight are awesome! :D


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