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do you know or watch the movie REMEMBER ME starring Robert Pattinson and her leading lady?? it is the same story about 9/11.....robert pattinson plays as the son of a wealthy man who owns the one that been destroyed by the plane crash on 9/11..... kind of person....he smokes and having s** with girls but the story isn't about that this discussion is about Americans who died because of the plane crash....many innocent Americans died....i pray for all the americans even though im a Pilipino......


let us remember that even in times of trials let us not think the one we've hate or lost but the time they lived,stay stronger and give us happiness...enjoy life because you got 1 shot at life and it will be hard for the ones you love to take that Pain you made....

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That is so true.
hmmm..........>><3 dat appears to be so TRUE.......
That is absolutely true.
True, very true.
thx guyz!
Absolutely true!  And YES I have seen the movie and I loved it.  I didn't see that coming in the end though.  I can relate to him in that movie so much.  I literally cried when I watched it.

yup...i cried so hard like i was the mother or the sister of robert pattinson


I know...Same here!  I actually had a family member in the towers when it happened, but he got out.  I am at a lose for words that movie was just completely amazing!


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