The Twilight Saga

I wrote an Edward poem, and so people requested a Bella poem, so here it is!

He told me

He loved me

He told me


He told me

It was for my own safety

He left me

Now I can't breath

Edward, Please

Don't leave me

I said. He said

He wouldn't leave.

But he did.

I was left,

Standing there,

Shivering in the cold.

But all I could do

To stay sane

Was to curl

Into fetal position

And cry my

Eyes out.

Hoping for his


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Omg I told you , (again) it amazing your so good at writing poems xx <3

Thanks haha! I write other poems, but they're un-related to twilight.

I liked it lots!!! :)

thanks :3

Wow! This is awesome. Would you like to hear my poem, too?


Here I stand alone

with my lover gone alone, too.

My body is seperated from him for ever more,

though my sprirt and mind shall linger with him

till the day my heart stops beating.

I shall never stop waiting for him till the day my breath

disappears, though my memories of him shall never fade.

I love you, Edward


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