The Twilight Saga

This is alices side of the story before she meet the cullens well in this story she finds the cullens and jasper...




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I had been a vampire for sometime now and when ever I saw the future I usally didnt panic but today I saw myself going into the wood and finding a vampire with pale blond hair and blood red eyes. But almost as soon as I was remembering this I had another vision. In this vision I saw myself and the same vampire going into a house and staying there.So I went into the woods to hunt and I came upon the vampire in my visions setting on a fair sized rock so of course I gently stepped over to him and explained what I had saw. He looked as if he was in pain and when he spoke and told me that his name was Jasper I could tell that he WAS in pain so in a soft voice I asked if he was alright but as my return answer he said " look at me " So I examined him very closly and saw all the teeth marks most likly left by other vampires. But together we went to go find the house that I had saw in my strange vision. So here Jasper and I are today. Jasper says that I found him but together we found true love.....By : shelby mullins

dat's nice


it's really awesome but if i may say so myself, it doesn't quite add up to the book. jasper and alice met in a restaurant somewhere, didn't they?
Oh yea ... Im sorry.....

This is a rough draft


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