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personally i like bella the character not the actress :)

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Me too. Kristen is, OK, I guess, but I love Bella in the book! Her and I have a lot in comon, and reading what she went through in New Moon helped me get through having my heart broken, I think I would have started cutting myself if not for that book; I know that sounds bad, but it's true... I admire the Bella of the Twilight books very much.
I agree I don't dislike her or anything but I don't think that Kristen acts bella out the way bella should be acted out
....kristen does an ok job but it doesn't seem like she totally get who bella really is
So do i! I don't think Stewart is bad though
she is great
apparently the director wanted to replace Kristen stewart
I love Bella and Kristen :)
Kristen is different and she keeps things interesting.. its ok to be weird :P lol
Don't forget Twilight had a low budget so its not going to be as good as the rest of the Saga since now they have endless money :)


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