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Bella as Today's Woman:How has her strength, perspective and ability affected you? What has her character added to your life?

What do you guys think, what are your feelings regarding Bella incorporating being a young woman of strength, passion, intelligence, and above all, her own mind; a modern woman, with all that we have worked so hard to achieve in our generation, all that we are inheriting and all that she embodies; never letting that go for a second while she has transitioned into a woman of everlasting life. How has that affected you, changed your perspective, made your life better?

I have been deeply affected by Bella's ability to become one with the rest of her Cullen family and all of vampira. Yet at the same time retaining (as have they all, of necessity with certain imperative changes) that help those who have lived in some cases for multiple centuries to blend in with whatever time -era- they are currently living in. 

For me, the enormous gift that we have all been given, that of Bella's point of view, our ability to see everything as it happens through her eyes, even, especially when she delivered Renesmee, and the most intense transition that Bella experienced immediately thereafter has been tremendous.

There have been times, as I have read the book again and again, when I could actually FEEL what Bella was going through, in an etherial way. I have never before actually felt as though I was living and feeling the feelings of a character in a book (and they are so much more than just characters) as I have with this series, not to the degree, the level that I have become involved herein. It, to me, is a tragedy that it may now be over, no more installments??? STEHANIE, please there is more, there is.

From page one of Twilight, straight through to the end of Breaking Dawn, it has been like that for me. As a mother, I fought next to Bella as she learned how to push her 'safeguard' shield further and further out, the way in which she held that baby girl on her back, pushing in every direction with the help of Zafrina. The analogies that as a young mother came to me, the very prayer that all mothers everywhere, would ever be able to protect our children as proactively as Bella was

The entire experience in Breaking Dawn,  from the honeymoon, her dreams about the conception of the baby, and the way that she protected the pregnancy by contacting an otherwise enemy, Rosalie, befriending her, utilizing every single thing that she could, not the least her intelligence, and finding her wits as she worked it, has given me vastly greater perspective on my own life. 

I am so deeply grateful to have been a part of this, to have watched it all unfold, and positively grief stricken, despite the excitement that I am experiencing while waiting for the movie, Breaking Dawn, to be released; with the knowledge that although I can read and re-read every single word, watch and re-watch every single second of footage, and any press, anthology or added book that Ms. Meyer chooses to gift us with beyond the so called 'end' of this series, it will still one day end.

I suppose that is what all of the best things do, or they wouldn't be the great, classical works that this series has become. I will have to be content with the knowledge that my daughters and grand daughters will one day find this anew. It is as timely a classic as anything that I have ever read. Don't you agree? 

Stephanie Meyer you are brilliant, you have given us rare gifts. Please don't stop, to romanticize what you have, to have made it human, yet not, is beyond the realm of what I would ever have been able to conceive, and I am a published fiction author (nom de plume). 

It has been a thrill and a priviledge to read your works.

Nonetheless, what do you guys think about Bella's strengths? In what ways have they affected, even changed you?


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Bella showed me how I want to be loved by the man of my life and how I should love him too. True love does exist.


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