The Twilight Saga

Is my heart still beating?

Can my lungs still draw breath?

How can I ever go on living

If Edward is not longer there?

For my own good, he said it was

For my own safety and health.

Then why is it that I'm broken

Cut to pieces like fragile glass?

Before he came, I was lost here

But then I felt the touch of his arms

That held me close, together, sane

Amidst this world of crazy deeds.

Each night I see him still

In dreams or nightmares (either one)

When my thoughts take me away

And to sad reality bring be back.

Now my life is ever at risk

Each time that before hazard I stand

To hear him whisper behind me

Either happy, stern or sad.

Please, come to me, Edward

Before agony consumes my soul!

Return to me and lead me on

To the place where I first found love.

 His voice returns to me

Such sweet sound...

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Wow!  Beautiful and compelling!  Bittersweet and so in tune with her feelings in New Moon!

ohhh... thanks for your reply!! im honored by your words

I was wondering, Can I make a song out of this, but changing some of the lines so it doesn't relate to twilight as much?

yes!!! feel free to use it. Thanks!

That poem was so beautifulbut sad

perfectly perfect

omg i love this poem,<3<3<3

Really beautiful!!

this is an amazing poem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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